Subject To Training/Course

"Subject To" Training/Courses

Introduction And Preview
Questions & Answers
Includes information, strategy & lessons via E-mail and pre-scheduled Video/Audio conferences.

Marketing Strategies
Marketing Strategies
How to get sellers/homeowners to come to you, call you and email you their information to consider you to take over their property and mortgage.           

Transactions With Sellers/Homeowners
Transactions With Sellers And Homeowners
Before the contract, the contract & other documents, after the contract, closing documents.

Transactions With Buyers/Renters
Transactions With Buyers/Renters
Marketing, pre-leasing, renting, lease, lease option documents, selling & assigning.

 All documents will be provided to you in schedules (A,B,C,D) and sent to you as attachments via e-mail as each part is completed by you.

Follow up, questions, information also available online through our Google+ Community Page by clicking:
Real Investor Academy

The complete price for this full course is only $1499! There's no Subject To Course like this.


Responsive Website/Design
Responsive Website

NEW! Go Responsive Now! (Desktop, Tablet & Mobile)

A Responsive Web design can help your Real Estate Investor business Get More Leads!

We'll build you a search engine friendly responsive website, fully optimized, allowing your Real Estate Investor business to be easily found by sellers, homeowners, buyers, renters looking for your services. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Having a Single Website for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Boost your entire web presence with a gorgeous responsive website from Digital SEO. 

We'll streamline your web presence on all devices and you'll enjoy so many benefits:

- Save time and money with a single URL for desktop, tablet and mobile

- Increase conversions with personalized content per visitor and device

- Refresh your web presence with a gorgeous modern design

 - Improve your SEO when all your content is in one place

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